About Benjatron

    Working on music since 2010, Benjatron always comes up with new ways to write and record songs. He is always working on new things musically, partly due to the ever changing landscape of home recording software and hardware. He takes his sound to new heights consistently using the available equipment at his exposal, currently a variety of guitars, keyboards, and drum machines. He is always striving to learn more and improve. Benjatron has worked on a variety of projects as a producer and lyricist. He has worked with a variety of producers as well as other artists. His favorite thing in music thus far is collaboration. As he puts it, it’s always better to work on a project with a fresh set of ears. His musical journey has included working in his own rehearsal studio, spending many hours late into the night tweaking mixes and recording synthesizers. Benjatron is always looking for new places to perform, so if you’re interested in learning more, contact him at Benjamin.ruppel@outlook.com and be sure to visit his link to music below:

Link: http://indiesound.com/u/benjatron


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