Why I took my music off SoundCloud

 I made the decision to take my music off SoundCloud because I wanted to upload that same music to iTunes through a 3rd party aggregate music distributor. However, after I took my music down, no one cared, and this is exemplified by the link to my YouTube channel here https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCGAMhhanvJlVTlVsuGLD0MQ

Here you see that I get very little engagement online and therefor I cannot monetize my content. 

I do have a lot of engagement on a cover song I did, but that’s because I paid someone to promote it.

 I’d like to make it clear that I take promoting my music seriously. At the same time though, there comes a time when one has to face the reality of the metrics, which are in this case the numbers attached to what I do with music online. Not only are the numbers of listens extremely low for me, just everyday interactions are extremely low as well.

 I’m looking to increase my exposure online and continue pushing to use my voice, both figuratively and literally. I’ve created something of a platform for myself and I’m going to continue to use that to push my music. I’m not sure where this will lead me, but it’s what I think about from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. 

SoundCloud is a great platform for a lot of things and I’ll always remember it in a positive light in that I learned how to make music on it. I started on it in 2011 or so uploading dj mixes, and I’ll always appreciate it for accepting my style of music upload. It is true that the platform needs me a lot less than I need it, which is part of why I’m sad but determined to leave it. That said, I think indiesound is a good platform and that’s where I’m uploading my material recently. 

You can find my music here: http://www.indiesound.com/u/Benjatron 


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