Cancelled: Facebook advertising blocked me

So I’m not really into railing against cancel culture, I figure most people who get cancelled deserve it or at least did something stupid/probably should apologize. Here’s the story though. 

After spending a fairly nominal yet somewhat significant amount of money promoting my music on Facebook and Instagram via ads, and then complaining to Instagram about glitches within the ad and not being able to cancel the advertisement I was running, apparently Facebook and Instagram blocked me from running ads on my account. I don’t really care that much as the ads weren’t effective or conducive to actual roi in any way, and overall it’s kinda meh. But it reminds me that these platforms hold large amounts of power and can and will use it.


I found out I was blocked from advertising when I tried connecting Zire, an advertising site that runs ads for music, to my Facebook and Instagram account. I couldn’t run ads this way but still ran a campaign for my music through Zire without connecting my social accounts. I’ve yet to try and contact Facebook or Instagram for comment as like I said, it’s kind of a waste of my time. It’s a professional move and I take it that way; I don’t take it personally, and professionally it doesn’t affect me.


The irony to me is that I feel like the internet has cancelled me anyways, regardless of whether I am able to advertise on Facebook or Instagram.


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