Ben Ruppel, stage name Benjatron, is based in Orange, California.

He made his first moves in music in 2010 by mixing records with two turntables and a mixer. It was a long way forward to today. He currently has evolved to writing and producing his own original music and has crafted his own sound in indie experimental hip hop. Benjatron is influenced by a variety of artists from a range of genres, including EDM, Indie Rock, and Hip Hop to name a few. He has released a variety of tracks on his IndieSound page available at .. Benjatron strives to perform but to date has only played one event early in his career spinning records. He is always looking for other artists to work with. Over his musical career he has worked with several different producers and artists. He is constantly recording and posting new material, so stay tuned!  

The basis for much of Benjatron’s sound is using electronic instruments and recording them on computers. Benjatron has spent years working on music and continues to change the way he records and arranges music as technology changes and his style continues to evolve. As many new advances in music technology have made way for a variety of recording techniques, Benjatron has kept up with the changes by constantly evolving himself. The landscape of digital recording remains very liquid and ever-changing, but one thing remains the same, in the digital realm anyways, Benjatron is here to stay. 

Having spent his lifetime enjoying and listening to music, Benjatron has developed an ear for what’s next. He spends countless hours perfecting every nuance of his recordings to make it sound just the way it does. He has learned over the years about the ins and outs of music recording and continues to evolve. He has worked with a variety of others in his musical journey and carved a name in the sand of time with his musical recordings. Benjatron hopes to be remembered as a truthful, compassionate, articulate person who changed the scope of sound recording and music consumption forever.


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